Vanessa Hudgens Is Majorly Channeling Gabriella Montez With This Look, and We Stan

When High School Musical premiered in 2006, I was 12 and absolutely obsessed. My tween self had every song memorized instantly, and I wanted every single piece of clothing the actors wore. It’s been 14 years, but I still think about the costumes from the Disney movie—and apparently so does our esteemed Gabriella Montez. On Monday night at a PrettyLittleThing and Lakers event, Vanessa Hudgens’ outfit looked exactly like something her High School Musical character would have worn. 12-year-old me is absolutely thrilled.

All fashion trends come back around to haunt us whether we like it or not. Some are good and some remind us of why puberty was so hard. While I’m not particularly a fan of any clothing that came out of the year 2006, I’ll let it slide in the case of Vanessa Hudgens—especially if it feels like an homage to Gabriella Montez. Wearing lacy green top layered under a black and white cami and jeans, Vanessa Hudgens gave off serious High School Musical vibes. Sure, this look is much chicer than anything Gabriella Montez wore (and has a few nods to the ’90s in it as well), but I can’t help but see the similarities. Either way, I stan.

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Yes, Vanessa Hudgens is all grown up now, and I don’t intend to put her in any sort of box labeled High School Musical. The actress has become a sartorial queen, and I can only hope that she continues to shine brightly in the fashion world. Vanessa Hudgens’ street style is truly so good—and this little Gabriella Montez vibe was just a nostalgic cherry on top.


I’m all here for Vanessa Hudgens giving her first major role a glow-up, which is what this ensemble feels like to me. The hair, the color of the top, the light pink lip color—It all checks out, and makes for one sweet trip down memory lane.

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